Emilio Santini was born in Mirano Italy into a noble family with over 500 years of glass blowing tradition. His father, a glass blower and a self-taught lampworker, was his first teacher.  At the age of eleven he was sent to work in a glass factory (Cenedese) during the three-month summer break from school. His uncle, Giacinto Cadamuro, was his teacher during that year. During each of the next five years, he went back to work for three months in the same glass factory but with different masters, including “Petà” and “Mamaracio”. When Emilio was seventeen, his father started teaching him lampworking, an activity that he still performs full-time with great skill.
     In 1988, he moved with his wife to Williamsburg, where they currently reside with their son and daughter. He then resumed blowing glass at the furnace several years ago and he is presently finishing his new teaching studio, which will include facilities for glass blowing and casting, in addition to lampworking. 
       His extensive teaching in this country’s major glass schools (Pilchuck, Penland, Corning) has given him the possibility to expand his view of the world of art glass. He is represented internationally by some of the most important galleries in the world and is featured in numerous private and museum collections.
About Emilio Santini

Born in Mirano Italy in 1955
Currently living in Virginia 

University of Venice Ca’Foscari
Renato Borsato Painter
Mario Santini, Giacinto Cadamuro, Fort (Peta’)    Glassmaster

Glass Instructor VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Corning Studio
Penland School of Craft
Pilchuck School of Glass
Pittsburgh School of Glass 
Urban Glass
Pratt fine art

Corning Museum of Glass, NY.
Mint Museum, NC.
Sheffield Museum (England)
Museum Of Contemporary Art (Venice, Italy)
Chrysler Museum, VA.
Kentucky Museum of Art, KY.
Castellani Museum of Art, NY

SOFA, Chicago, IL.
Glass Gallery, Bethesda, MD.
Morgan Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.
Center for the Visual Arts, St. Louis, MO.
Portsmouth Art center, Portsmouth, VA.
Museum of American Glass, Millville, NJ.
Venezia Vetro Aperto, Venezia, Italia
Glass Weekend, Wheaton Village, NJ.
Venetian Glass, London, England
Venetian Glass, Theater dell’Opera, Paris, France
Venetian Glass, Frankfurt, Germany
photo courtesy of Martha Hewitt Gallery